The story behind White Moose

Our products are unconventional to say the least. We thrive on being different and turning gifting & home decorating on its head. We love keeping things local, like donating to charities over Christmas. Everything that we produce is designed in Australia, even doing hand painted pieces to go along with our collections.


After a creative upbringing, founder of White Moose, Colin, went on to study design in Canada where the inspiration for the brand name "White Moose" came from. Prior to embarking on his own label, he worked in frontline retail and progressed to become the brand manager of one of Australia's leading brands in the gift giving and home decor industry. Colin started by selling his handmade designs at artists markets in Melbourne, dragging his beat up suitcase with a broken wheel onto the tram early each morning to start to build the brand.


Since 2014 we have worked with designers from Melbourne and across the globe to create dynamic product ideas, now having a team working behind the scenes to make every idea a reality.

In addition to our pop ups and online store we have over 700 retailers across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong who stock White Moose products. 



Wholesale customers can apply for access by clicking our 'wholesale' link.


We love that we get to wake up every day and be creative, so thank you for supporting us! Enjoy :-)