The Block 2018 - 48 Hour Challenge and Apartment Selections

A buzz ran through every Block fan on Sunday 5th August as season 14 of The Block went to air on Channel 9. At the steps of the eclectic and run down The Gatwick Hotel, on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda, we met the 2018 contestants. From Victoria we met Bianca and Carla, South Australia Kerrie and Spence, New South Wales Sara and Hayden, Western Australia Hens and Courtney and Queensland Norm and Jess. This excited and starry eyed group of contestants were met with the shock of their life as they entered what could only be described as a dump. Transforming The Gatwick into luxury apartments is going to be a long and demanding journey - and we get to watch it all!

Spoiler alert! This article contains the winners of the challenge, who chose which apartment and we reveal what was in the safe in apartment 1. 

Choosing their apartments, true to The Block style, was met with a challenge. Their challenge was to create a kids bedroom in 48 hours from a space that was filled with mouldy, wet carpet and furniture. We saw who is down for a little team work...and well, who's out to play the game. The results were outstanding. I think this year we will be seeing bold designs and exemplary execution, I mean coffered ceilings in a 48 hour challenge - shut the front door!  

The block 2018 48 hour challenge kids room reveal

The shock and awe however did not stop at the reveal. If you could believe, the penthouse apartments were not the first choice to be snapped up, nor the second! I thought Scotty Cam was going to eat his clipboard in disbelief. Winning the 48 hour challenge was Hayden and Sara with a score of 25.5/30 and their choice was mind boggling, going with apartment 3. Not the penthouse and not the apartment with the mystery safe, but apartment 3 with the “good acoustics” according to Hayden. Following them in second place with a score of 24.5/30 was Kerrie and Spence, they rolled the dice on apartment 1 to gain the contents of the safe which unveiled $150,000 in vouchers and the priceless mentoring of the judges. Our penthouse apartments fell into the hot hands of Bianca and Carla (apartment 5) in third scoring 22/30 and Norm and Jess (apartment 4) scoring 20/30. In fifth place, landing themselves in the biggest apartment on the block, (apartment 2) was Courtney and Hans. 

the block apartment numbers
the block 2018 contestants reactions to hayden and sara choosing apartment 3 when they win the room revealScotty Cam's reaction when the block 2018 48 hour challenge winner choose apartment 3

The Block 2018 has hit the screens with a roller coaster of emotions. There have been tears and tantrums, tiffs and bonding. We’ve learnt that you cannot put a bed or shelf under a window in a kids room and that flat packs aren't as easy as we think they are. Apartments have been chosen and planning has already began with a big first week ahead, yes that’s right, it’s bathroom week. Oh there’s a tingling in the air! 

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