We are family, the making of White Moose.

After almost 6 months in creation, including many sketches, sculpting, mould testing and colour swatches, the new White Moose range is on its way. It wouldn’t be White Moose without a few furry or scaly friends now would it? You’ll also see a little nod to the Royal Wedding, our large scale animals are back, and so too the intricate details in some of our smaller pieces. In addition to the new décor and artwork styles, many of your favourite styles return in what’s tipped to be the biggest Christmas period at White Moose on record.

As always, meeting with the faces and technical minds who make our designs come to life is an absolute joy. We have been working with some of our manufactures now for over 6 years and we are becoming like family. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our manufactures and it shows in the final product.

Together, our businesses have grown from humble beginnings to boutique companies. We know the people we work with by name and have high regard for all the teams that make White Moose possible. From the design room, to the team members who tie on each hang tag before they are packed into their cartons, each member has an important role in making the collection. 

Over lunch in the office we spend time talking about how things have grown over the years, including their children who are now 5 and 7, the eldest just recently finishing their piano recital which we all huddle around the communal kitchen table to watch on the phone screen. It can be easy to assume all manufacturing here to be housed in rundown, dirty warehouses and for many retail giants this is the case.

After lunch we have a highly competitive game of foosball (which we lose), we help tend to the plants looking out to the skyline, then get back into signing off the new range. We head downstairs where we see the final moulds being poured, and help put on the finishing touches of paint before we start sketching in the design room for the new designs of 2019.

We pride ourselves on developing unique product with a small production runs so that rather than having a cookie cutter styled home, our end customer has something uniquely personal to them.

The hard work by White Moose teams has not ended with the development of our home décor and artwork collections. Striving to improve the way our company can create positive changes outside of our everyday functions has driven us to partnering with Tree For The Future. Through this organisation we are able to make your orders mean more. For every order placed through White Moose we plant a tree. You can continue to read about this program here.

It has been a joy working on the new White Moose Collection, and we can’t wait to start sending our new creations out to you.

We look forward to seeing our stockists at Life In Style Melbourne 2018.
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