4 Autumn Home Hacks for the 4 Day Weekend

Just like a magpie building a nest we humans tend to collect shiny objects and things for our home. From time to time we have collected so much we start to feel overwhelmed, whether it be the stacks of paper on your counter or the clothes exploding out every time you open your cupboard. If this is you, know that you’re not alone. Today I will share some tips on how to whip you home into shape and declutter your hoarders dream into a chic delight. 
whale bookend in black holding mail and paper

The Mail Man

The mail man is reliable, and with his daily visit he brings you all kinds of papery delights. In most homes this becomes known as the stack of junk on the corner of the kitchen bench. It takes up valuable space, is disorganised and straight up looks a mess. The simplest way to combat the kitchen stack is to devise a system. 
  1. Add a NO JUNK MAIL!!! sign to your letter box. Or, if you desperately enjoy the feel of premium junk mail then do your health and the environment a favour by reading them as you walk around outside then straight into the recycling they go.
  2. Go digital. Where possible opt all your statements, bills and notifications to email. Have a strong password on your account and organise into folders.
  3. Get a Mail Holder or a set of Bookends. For all those letters unavailable in a digital format put them into a mail holder or between bookends until the addressee is able to action and recycle. 
Control your mail

I have nothing to wear!

Do you constantly feel like you have nothing to wear only to have a friend look at your wardrobe and drool at the options? Most the time this is because we have too much stuff and we don’t even know what’s in there. 
Getting your home organised is for the most part easy. This is the hard part. Some clothes need to go. 
  1. Try EVERYTHING on. Ask yourself some logical questions - for example Does it fit? Are there holes? Will I wear it? And make two piles, a Yes and a No. 
  2. Donate your No pile, washed and folded, to an opp shop in your local area.
Can’t say No?
  • Hang all your clothes with the hangers facing one direction. When you return an item after wearing it face the hanger in the opposite direction. If you wear it multiple times don't continue to turn, just once to signify it is an item you use. The items on hangers still in their original position in 12 months have to go.
  • This can be done with items in a drawer also, face the clean fold to the back of the drawer and when worn turn that bad boy around to face the front of the drawer. Again, shed the unworn clothes in 12 months time.
Keep things neat, for your socks and trinkets


crying baby vase ceramic white, metal and resin bug, pointing speak no monkey white resin

How pretty is my patio.

Your patio (balcony, garden or indoors) should be a relaxing space and not a cluttered ground waiting for an injury to occur. Even in small spaces you can incorporate lots of greenery or a herb garden. Here are some of my favourite examples. 
  • Repurposing an old kitchen trolley or shoe rack
  • Add a shelving unit you don’t use indoors anymore
  • Use an old wooden ladder for a rustic look and planter shelf
  • Install a new shelf 

Now you can go crazy with those eclectic vibes you are waiting to unleash and decorate all these new found surfaces with plants, ornaments and anything you love most. 

Decorate your garden with some animals

banana bowl black for holding keys and sydney harbour bridge framed canvas print

Honey, where are my keys?

It seems to be that every time we need to urgently scurry out of the house our keys are playing a game of hide and seek. Those pesky buggers are good at this game too! Many of us, however, do not want hooks and keys hanging all over our walls. The solution? Use a home décor statement piece, a central point to store your daily essentials - like your car keys, while looking tre chic. 
Keep track of your keys using these
Now it's time for you to Autumn clean your house and organise your things. Add a little zest to your décor with some unique items that make you smile every time you walk in the room. 
Good Luck

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