PATCHOULI & BALSAM 80 Hour Beaker Candle | Alchemy Produx

The beautiful 80 Hour Beaker Candle is hand made in Australia from 100% Natural Soy Wax. The clear and original Alchemy Produx range was established in 2011 boasting a unique look that complements your home décor and provides a superior scent in your home.   


Dimensions: These chemistry beaker 330g candles measure 9.8 x 13cm.
Scent: Patchouli & Balsam
Design: Clear Glass Beaker
Hand Made in Australia

Patchouli & Balsam - A woody-floral fragrance with top notes of patchouli, bergamot, aniseed and rose 

The packaging is craft to obtain a minimalist look.

About Alchemy

Alchemy Produx is the brainchild of Melbourne duo Sara and Tristan, who hand-make artisan candles from 100% natural soy wax. It was four years ago when experimenting with soy wax lead to this accidental combination in their backgrounds of Fashion Design and Chemistry to create these unique candles. This unlikely combination led to the beginning of ‘Alchemy Produx’ a fusing of science and designer home wares.

Alchemy candles are individually hand poured into chemistry glassware such as beakers and conical flasks and made to order in their Melbourne studio. Minimalist and industrial trends inspire these small batch candles and the Alchemy team lives by the mantra “less is more”.

Alchemy Care Instructions

The first time you use your new candle, burn for at least 2-3 hours, allowing the wax to burn evenly across the surface. Scented candles develop a ‘burn memory’ and a candle that has not been burnt right to the edges on its initial use, will ‘tunnel’ and burn unevenly through the centre of the wax

Before lighting the candle each time, trim the candle wick to approximately 5mm, especially the conical flask, this will prevent all soot adhering to the glass.

Recycle your glassware; Soy wax is super soft and a finished candle can easily be rinsed out under hot water or put through the dish washer. An empty beaker or conical flask can be reused as a vase, pot plant or water glass!

Care instructions stickers are on the bottom of each candle - it is important to read these to ensure safety and to get the most out of Alchemy Produx candles

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