Harry The Hippo Planter

As seen in Hayden and Sara’s Challenge Apartment Study in The Block 2018

Harry the Hippo is a wall hung animal planter head. He comes with a 10cm diameter pot making him perfect for succulents, small indoor plants and faux indoor plants, or get creative and fill the white planter pot with something unique! 

With a smile as warm as a hug Harry the Hippo is the best face to wake up to in the morning. He is the master of disguises, changing his hair as often as the wind blows is easy.

Harry enjoys hip-hop music, dresses like a hippo-ster and can make quite the hippotomess when he gets bored. 

Lookout for his best friend Rory the Rhino. These two make a great pair in any room.

Style Tip: Our wall planters look great with hanging plants such as Devil Ivy, String of Pearls and Boston ferns. These varieties are perfect for growing indoors.

Size: 24cm x 19cm 22cm
Material: Resin

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